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for Clergy and Communities of Faith

Mental Illness and Families of Faith: How Congregations Can Respond

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Mental Illness and Families of FaithMental Illness and Families of Faith: The Challenge and the Vision, How Congregations Can Respond, is a downloadable resource/study guide for clergy and communities of faith. This tool is designed to be used with clergy, members of congregations, family members and anyone desiring to learn more about mental illness and how to respond with compassion and care. It can be used as a small group study or as a resource to quickly find information on a specific topic when the need arises. As with all Mental Health Ministries resources, you are encouraged to adapt the material and choose what would be most helpful in your particular setting.

This resource is divided into four sections: Section One: Understanding Mental Illness, Section Two: The Unique Role of Faith Communities, Section Three: Creating Caring Congregations, Section Four: Help for Faith Leaders.