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Your Ideas

Your IdeasMany of YOU have found ways to reach out to individuals and families struggling with mental illness using your own interests, skills and talents. You have seen a need and found some creative ways to use your gifts to help others. People like YOU have submitted ideas about the use of art in healing, the advantages of pet therapy, scripture stickers and providing comfort gift baskets to persons in need of care and support.

You are invited to share YOUR IDEAS to bring comfort, hope and healing to persons living with mental illness. In sharing YOUR IDEAS, you can choose to give you name, city, state or community if you wish. Click here for the Mental Health Ministries contact page.

Submitted Ideas

12 Principles of Support for Mental Illness with NIV Bible Verses

Lanyard as Therapeutic ToolWE WILL SEE THE INDIVIDUAL FIRST, NOT THE ILLNESS - “Understanding is a fountain of life for those who have it.”—Proverbs 16:22a
Each person is an individual with many attributes--a distinct personality with different looks, character, talents and skills raised within its own family type in an environment of varying opportunities. This diversity balances relationships and promotes growth, making society an interesting group of people that can live in harmony rather than opposition...

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Using Lanyard as a Therapeutic Tool for Comfort

Lanyard as Therapeutic ToolI find it useful during my work day to keep close those things that remind me of God and hope. Sometimes all we need is something to recharge us. Children and adolescents who suffer from depression or anxiety tend to benefit most from daily reminders. I have kids use a lanyard, ID-size paper or cardboard and individualize it to their liking. Here's what you’ll need...

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Mood Watch App

Mood Watch AppMy name is Kimberly Knox, inventor, bipolar I patient and creator of Mood Watch, a new mobile application program for people who may have mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorders.  Mood Watch gives people tools that can help them live happier and more productive, spiritually active lives. It all starts with peace.  This is my goal; the reach is world-wide.

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When Love is Not Enough

When Love is Not EnoughAfter the suicide death of our 20-year-old son in December 2010, we feel compelled to raise awareness of mental and emotional problems in children. As Christian parents, our faith is central to our lives. We homeschooled our two boys, and involved them in church activities. Evidently our son struggled from a mood disorder, but kept it hidden from us.

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How to Get What You Want By Changing Your Mind: Finding Life's Lessons in Art

Jerome LawrenceDuring his senior year of 1982, while majoring in Studio Art at Georgia State University, Jerome Lawrence received a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. Jerome continued to paint as he had all his life and he has now been in recovery for many years.

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Scripture Stickies - Menlo Park, CA

Scripture StickiesScripture Stickies makes stickable Bible verses designed to help people memorize and meditate on the Word of God. The Bible offers comfort, peace, and practical advice for those living and coping with mental illness.

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Caring for People with Brain Disorders - Joann Davis

Joann DavisJoann Davis is the director of Ministry with Persons with disAbilities for the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan. While her office provides services to people with all manner of disAbilities, ministry to people with brain disorders drew her attention for this article.

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Art and Healing - Rosemary C. Lawyer

Art and HealingI no longer want to hide from this blanket of darkness called depression. I want to feel good again. I want to be able to touch it, see it and share it. Art has given me that ray of light that I was looking for. So many people suffer as I do and their creativity helps them to heal and feel whole again.

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Gift Baskets - Denise Fletcher

Gift BasketsDenise Fletcher has a degree in Recreational Therapy from Minnesota State University wrote me about an idea to develop a "Comfort Kit Basket." Faith communities can put together baskets that could be given to persons with a mental illness such as people in clubhouses, drop-in centers, group homes, psychiatric hospitals, shelters. Different faith traditions can decide what to include in these "Comfort Kit Baskets." Some suggestions are a small pocket Bible and/or a book of Psalms. The free downloadable brochure on "Scriptures for Comfort" could be included. It is available on this website in the Other Resources section.

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Pet Therapy - Mississauga and the province of Ontario, Canada

Pet TherapyI have had bipolar depression since 1993. I love animals and decided to keep birds. I bought 18 budgies, commonly known as parakeets. They got me up in the morning as I had to feed them. Budgies are very social creatures. It was great to see their antics and I certainly had lots of feathered friends "to talk to"! My doctor said that it was the greatest therapy and would do me a lot of good. He was right.

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