Mental Health Ministries

Organization of Mental Health Ministries

Mental Health Ministries was founded in 2001 by United Methodist minister, Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder. It has evolved into a web-based interfaith outreach that offers a wide variety of downloadable print and media resources that can be adapted to the unique needs of each congregation. The focus is on using one’s faith and spirituality as an important part of the recovery and treatment process and as a way for family members to find strength and hope in caring for a loved one with a mental illness.

In 2021, Mental Health Ministries became a program of Pathways to Promise. Pathways to Promise is 501c3 interfaith cooperative founded in 1988 to facilitate the faith community’s work in reaching out to those with mental illnesses and their families. Mental Health Ministries and Pathways to Promise share the same mission to create an atmosphere in the faith and mental health communities which promotes recovery from mental illness and invites people with mental illnesses to enrich the community through actively sharing their gifts and interests.

Pathways to Promise provides consultation and training programs, including the Companionship model, in a variety of settings. Mental Health Ministries is a web-based resource site available to all but it can also provide resources to augment the training programs offered by Pathways to Promise.

Your donations are essential to help us sustain this ministry. Tax deductible donations are gratefully accepted and will allow this ministry to continue to provide resources to help erase the stigma in our faith communities.